Saturday June the 7th at Sant Sebastià Beach as of 11:00am

Sun, sea wind… a surfing trip, a sailing boat and an appetizer out in the water. Whether it is by long, paddle, shortboards, gun, fish, retro fish, egg, minisimons, and so on you are welcome to join us rowing, paddling or swimming to the “Rockstar Boat”. We will be anchored outside the buoys line in "Sant Sebastià" beach in La Barceloneta enjoying a fresh Estrella beer or an energizing Rockstar.
After this, the event will follow with an authentic “Sardinada” popular grill/bbq that we will offer at the Fisherman`s Brotherhood of Barcelona (Cofradia de Pescadors), where the first lighthouse of the city is located.
How? The appetizer out in the water is a ludic and sportive open event, you just need to get by your own means to the boat or be a winner of the many raffles we will do throughout our social networks.
When? Saturday 7 June, appetizer 11am to 1pm behind the buoys of San Sebastià beach in La Barceloneta and the “Sardinada” will take place from 1pm to 3pm in the Fisherman Brotherhood of Barcelona “Confraria de Pescadors de Barelona”.
We deeply hope you enjoy respectfully this Mediterranean surf day and we ask all of the participants your collaboration in order not to pollute the sea that we all love, depositing the rubbish in the bags we will provide.

This event is possible thanks to: