Surf board evolution

Wednesday 4 Conference Room, Maritime Museum as of 8:00pm

Dídac from Montjuich Surfboards (specialized in surfboards replicas from period 1960 and 1972) and Sergi from Flamasurf (builder of wooden boards not laminated) will offer a retrospective view of the evolution of surfboards and the materials used to its preparation. The talk will cover from the first 1900s wooden boards, the evolution of these until the foam was introduced, and how the wood again is positioning itself as a more sustainable alternative.
The conference will be held as of 8:00pm in the Auditorium of the Maritime Museum of Barcelona. The entry will open at 7:50pm only for people who want to attend the conference on payment of the festival ticket (5 €). The number of seats is limited to 100 people due to the capacity of the room. Once finished, the conference attendees can stay in the Festival free of charge.